Labyrinth Fish

Labyrinth Fish are interesting air breathers. They possess a rudimentary lung-type organ that takes oxygen directly from the air. This ability allows these colorful fish to have many strange behaviors.

Bubbles And Babies Make Hardy Little Friends

These beautiful little friends have a unique ability, they can breath air. This special ability allows them to be a hardy and interesting addition to your tropical fish aquarium.

In their home habitats, Labyrinth Fish are found in many different types of water conditions. This makes them well suited for the home aquarium. As long as you keep water quality stabile, you can have a wide range of Ph and temperature conditions for these tropical fish. Some may not even need filtration systems to put oxygen in the water, but you still have to do regular water changes to keep them healthy.

Usually fairly peaceful in a community aquarium, Labyrinth Fish can be aggressive to their own kind. Males of the same species tend to be territorial and like to have a harem of females all to themselves. Larger species can also be aggressive to smaller species, so it is usually best to have only one kind of Labyrinth Fish in your aquarium.

Their interesting breeding behavior is very public and flashy. You can watch them spawn right in your community tank in most cases. The males of several species build bubble nests where the eggs will be deposited during spawning. The male tends these nests and can even be seen spitting water to herd bubbles and fry together. Keep plenty of floating and tall plants to see your little bubble blowers in action.

This hardy and common tropical fish can be found in most fish stores and is usually an easy little friend to care for. Below are some common types of Labyrinth Fish. Look at their profile pages for more information.

Blue Gourami

This hardy fish comes in many color variations.

Dwarf Gourami

Active little air breathers that add color to your aquarium.

Leopard Bush Fish

A crazy little friend that has an interesting hunting style.

Kissing Gourami

This interesting Gourami can grow quite large.

Honey Gourami

Peaceful little fish that is similar to the Dwarf Gourami.

Pearl Gourami

This dazzling fish adds textured color to your aquarium.

For more information, go to Wikipedia's Labyrinth Fish page.

Do You Have A Favorite Labyrinth Fish?

We all have a favorite fish. Somewhere in your aquarium you have a fish that you are proud of. If you have a favorite friend that is a Labyrinth Fish, take a picture and share a story about it with us.

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